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I’m the youngest of four children. My father was German; my mother was born in Belgium and later moved to Germany. I was born and raised in Lörrach, a city at the outmost south-west of Baden-Württemberg in Germany, relatively close to the border with Switzerland and France.

Like most people of the Black Forest region, I’m quite focused when it comes down to work and don’t waste much time on small-talk. I highly enjoy the things I do. I am dedicated to my work and always strive for the best possible result and outcome. I give my utmost to reach the bars I set for myself, to meet the expectations that people have and to deserve the trust that is put in me. I may not be the biggest risk-taker, I like to calculate every step before I eventually take it, but this certainly doesn’t mean I’m not willing or ready to face a challenge.

Nevertheless, I know how to enjoy life. I like to travel and to see and explore the buildings and structures I learned about in class while experiencing different cultures in the meantime. While traveling, I take loads of pictures, almost documenting every step I take, which ended in a big interest in Photography. I joined the Youth Orchestra of the City of Lörrach after playing in my school’s orchestra for several years. I like to read, spanning from biographies to fantasy books and developed a passion for politics, which is based on my profound interest in history.

I feel at ease on the streets of Manhattan, but just as much in the middle of the Black Forest. However, the thing I enjoy the most is to spend some quality time with the people I hold dear and the company of my pets.

I’m always quite direct and try to be as honest as I can, I regard it as something essential to a healthy relationship, in personal and in professional life. After reading the last lines, one might wonder… ‘He’s dedicated to his work, but it took him six years to complete his studies?’. The truth is quite simple… I’m flawed.

At the age of 19, they found a tumor in my brain; as small as a pea but located at the worst possible spot and all treatments and surgeries weren’t enough to get rid of it. Of course, this has affected me, luckily enough not mentally, but unfortunately, it certainly has influenced me physically and will continue to do so in the future. I was advised to quit my studies and to set a different goal, something more achievable and suited to this new situation, but I simply didn’t want to. I dealt with setback after setback, more or less successful, and I learned my lessons. Now, six years later, I almost reached my goal, not only because of my perseverance but due to the support of my family and my friends and lecturers at HoWest.